Audio Examples

Below are demonstrations of audio files which have been mastered to suit the artists' aesthetic goals


Folk Rock / Alternative

New Wave / Electronic

From " Bleu Ray " by  Blue Odeur               

From "Bleu Ray" by Blue Odeur              

Ambient / Instrumental

From " Step Right Up " by  inland island    

Electronic /    Pop

From " Bitchpunk " by  Debby Friday         

From "Bitchpunk" by Debby Friday        


Industrial /      IDM

From " Fuck Fascism " Compilation                       

From "Fuck Fascism" Compilation                       

Reggae /              R&B

From " Without You " by  Kisha Lee            

From "Without You" by Kisha Lee           

Classical / Soundtrack

From "Soundtrack to  Tract " by James Perry

From "Soundtrack to Tract" by James Perry

Educational / Spoken Word